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Saniderm AfterCare

wear first bandage for 12-48hrs depending on how much blood/plasma collects inside the sealed bandage or if it starts to peel off, clean dry and reapply new bandage if provided .

leaving bandage on for too long can result in infection, always remove within time framed stated . most tattoos can properly heal within a 3-5 day time frame if bandage remains tact to skin properly with minimal fluid build up. 

To remove carefully peel up from one corner , this step may be uncomfortable . removal under warm soapy water such as the shower can help minimize discomfort .

avoid loofahs or scratchy wash cloths .


TATTOO AfterCare

*REMOVE bandage after 1-2 hours.  (if it sticks, wet bandage and remove slowly.)

*WASH with warm mild soap (DIAL LIQUID SOAP) and water

* OINTMENT use A&D ointment or LUBRIDERM non scented lotion; apply a very THIN  layer after every time you wash your tattoo. If it feels dry and tight, apply the ointment. (If you put it on too heavy you will lose color and definition. If it looks like it is beading or dripping, it is too thick).

*After a few days, it is normal for the skin on the tattoo to take on a cloudy appearance,followed by peeling for a short period of time

* NEVER peel or pick at your tattoo. If you do, you will lose color and can also run the risks of infections

* DO NOT use alcohol to clean tattoo.

* DO NOT rub or scratch

* DO NOT expose to direct sunlight or tanning beds for two weeks. After two weeks, you may use a sun block of a minimal SPF 30 to prevent burning or color fading of your tattoo.

The sun is BAD for your tattoo!

* DO NOT soak tattoo in sauna, steam bath, or bathtub for two weeks (YES, you may shower.)

* DO NOT allow water to beat directly onto the tattoo while showering for at least one week.

*AVOID pools, lakes, rivers, or oceans for at least two weeks.

*You must keep your tattoo clean! However, long showers or baths must be avoided for 2 weeks. Prolonged soaking can and will loosen scabs if any have formed, or will soak through the soft tissue turning it into a soggy mess.

***REMEMBER that your tattoo is an open wound until it is completely healed. Please use the ointment suggested by your Artist (unless you have had problems in the past with it) other tattoo shops might suggest different products for their customers that may not work the same with all inks.

 You may expect some slight swelling, redness and discomfort around the site. If any of the following symptoms appear promptly consult a health care provider:

-Unusual drainage -Excessive bleeding -Excessive pain / discomfort -Excessive swelling/ redness/ feeling that skin is hot to touch -Temperature greater than 101°F within 24 hours of the tattoo.







Earlobe 2-4 Months

Cartilage 3-6 Months
Tongue 6-8 Weeks
Labret 9-12 Weeks
Cheek 8-10 Weeks
Eyebrow 9-12 Weeks
Septum 6-8 Weeks
Nostril 2-4 Months
Navel 6 Months to a Year
Female Nipples 6 Months to a Year
Male Nipples 4-6 Months
VCH 2-4 Months

You’re able to downsize 2-4 weeks into the healing period
Avoid alcoholic beverages for the first few weeks. Alcoholic beverages may increase bleeding and swelling.
You may take an Ibuprofen to reduce soreness and discomfort for the first couple of days.
Taking vitamins also helps the healing process. Its doesn’t speed it up, but help the tissue heal better.
Your piercing heals from the outside in so DO NOT REMOVE OR IRRITATE WHILE INITIALLY HEALING!!

non-iodized sea salt solution / teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt mixed with 8oz. of warm water
Sterile Saline Solution
Antibacterial Soap
(Either one of these products can be used)


Spray with Sterile Saline Solution twice a day for the next 2 weeks after initial piercing.
Soak sea salt solution into a cotton ball
Cleanse your piercing with the solution for 5 minutes/ twice a day for the next 2 weeks
Lather a dime size amount of antibacterial soap up on your fingers
Gently cleanse your piercing with the soap
Rinse thoroughly so that your piercing is clean
Pat dry with a paper towel
Repeat this process twice a day/ for the next 2 weeks


non-iodized sea salt solution / teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt mixed with 8oz. of warm water
Alcohol- Free Mouthwash
(Either one of these products can be used)

Rinse your mouth with solution for 30 seconds 3-5 times a day for the next 2 weeks after.



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