WHO THE F*&^ IS KiNG Sunni?

'KiNG' Sunni is an artist and designer born in New Jersey with a natural born dedication to all things artistic. Long before her now thriving career as a Tattoo artist Sunni has always found beauty in body art dating back to lunch period of her middle school schooling where she received a 64 pack of gel glitter pens and connected with her calling way before anyone had realized by scheduling appointments with her classmates for body art during lunch period . 

Relocating to South Florida in no way slowed the creative flame inside of her , shortly after graduating high school Sunni blindly experimented during one of her first encounters with a tattoo machine where she instantly feel in love with the process . So much in fact purchased her very own tattoo kit where she then taught herself how to tattoo without any formal training or apprenticeship .Sunni's creativity does not end with just permanment body art , in her spare time she has found a outlet in painting acrylic on canvas . Sunni's creative vision is nothing short of one of a kind in which her creative inspiration stems from the story tellings and life experiences of herself as well as her peers meets canvas with her own artistic twist . with the opportunity to showcase her artwork during Miami Art Basel in 2018 as well as touring alongside #LadiesofInkTour a group of black female tattoo artist in 2019 KiNG Sunni continues to flourish in the creative field with hopes of becoming not only an inspiration to those who may second guess the concept of just 'going for it' but also as more established artist in years to come .

King Sunni

" You have to be taught to be second class; you're not born that way"
                                   - Lena Horne

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